The Wedding took place at Southwark Cathedral on a beautiful but quite cold day. Southwark Cathedral stands on the South bank of the Thames on a site where a Church has stood for 1,000 years.


Lizzie Arrives
Entering the Cathedral
Yes, Lizzie is late (not Edward for once!)
During the Service
Signing the Register
Edward & Lizzie
Edward & Lizzie
The Bridespeople
Outside the Cathedral
Penny with the Barkers
Anthony and Nina
Inside the Cathedral
Ci and Diana
Outside the Cathedral
The Wedding Crowd
Ci and Nick
Andrew Nunn and Geoffrey Brown
After the Marriage
Coming out of the Cathedral
The Family Group
Southwark Cathedral from the North
Southwark Cathedral Interior


The Invitation
On the Bus

Salters' Hall

Dinner and Speeches
Dancing to the Big Band