The Hall

Diana Barbour

Nick & Edward
Ken & Steve
Liz & Ken Pye
Libby Blackwell

David &Peter Barker

Anthony & Diana Barbour
Diana and Ci
Diana and Cleo
Nick and Diana
Blackwells, Barbour and Pyes
The Cox Family
Dinner in the Salters' Hall
Jane and Geoffrey Brown
Edward, Lizzie and Granny (Ci)
Edward, Lizzie and Isla Shaw

Edward and Lizzie with Steve and Shaena Metherell


In the Salters' Hall for Dinner
The Metherells and Garners
The Overseas Visitors
The Wedding Twins!
The Ushers and Readers



The Invitation
At Southwark Cathedral
On the Bus
Dinner and Speeches
Dancing to the Big Band